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High precision balancing technology and balancing machines

-From individually adaptable standard solutions to fully automatic special machines-

PMB and Lilium

PMB balancing technology equips Lilium for the production of revolutionary jet drive units

Balancer Drill

Balancer Drill

Drilling and milling balancing in industrial scale
automatic - highly precise - economical


JobList system

Achieve a higher output through
simultaneous measurement and correction



Check your rotating parts for too high
unbalance even before assembly


Laser balancing

High precision - Chipless - Force-free
How to balance even small and sensitive components precisely

OnDesk 500

OnDesk 500

The small compact balancing machine
-Our solution for high precision and space saving balancing-

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Unbalance measuring systems

Balancing &
analysing software

Contract balancing
and balancing service

The Art of balancing

Ultra-precise balancing technology from PMB

Ultra-precise balancing technology from PMB increases the service life of your products, helps prevent damage and increases the quality of your components! All rotating components have an imbalance due to production or design. If this is too large, considerable risks arise for the components and the products in which they are installed. The life span of the products and bearings is reduced or, in the most extreme case, the component is destroyed. Especially at high speeds, vibration caused by unbalance will cause noise. In the field of dental technology, the manufacture of turbochargers and equipment fans, these noises are subject to a legally defined limit or are simply undesired by the customer. The faster their products rotate, the more important balancing becomes, because doubling the speed generates four times the centrifugal force and increases the risk of damage. Precise balancing is a must here. And a lot of potential is not used here.

PMB Bobertag has set itself the task of solving this demanding task. Founded in 2008, we have since then achieved technological leadership in the field of ultra-precise balancing with our own UMS vibration measurement technology, balancing software and analysis software as well as our complete CAROBA® Balancer balancing machines. From development and production to consulting, we stand for the highest quality in balancing technology and contract balancing.

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

We are your
specialist for:
Balancing machines and balancing systems
Balancing software and analysis software
Contract balancing and balancing service
Vibration measurement technology
Research and development of balancing methods
Consulting in the field of balancing technology


The new balancing method "JETTING" was developed by PMB Bobertag in cooperation with DELO industrial adhesives. It is based on the high-precision measurement of the unbalance, the extremely fast application of the correction mass in the form of high-tech adhesive and the subsequent light curing. The entire balancing process is performed with the AddMassJet®, a modular balancing system from PMB. This process offers enormous advantages for the component to be balanced. The unbalance correction is contactless, force-free, dust-free and chipless. Mass correction is extremely precise and with a high cycle rate down to the milligram range.

What our customers say about us

"Balancing is one of the most important work steps in the creation process of a motor spindle. With the OnDesk500, we achieve the desired results quickly and precisely, and can thus efficiently ensure the quality of our products. As with our products, the OnDesk500 combines well thought-out functions and the highest quality with an appealing design, and the whole thing is Made in Germany." - Andreas Schleifer (Founder)

"When we needed a new type of balancing system for large-scale for a highly innovative product, it was clear to us that new ground had to be broken. Despite some imponderables, PMB solved this task very well and delivered on time within the tight time frame - extensions and follow-up projects are underway." - Kurt Riesenfeld, MinebeaMitsumi Equipment Design Team Leader Spindle Equipment Engineering

We want to keep and strengthen the technological leadership of our spindles and air compressors worldwide, while always keeping both feet on the ground. The cooperation with PMB helps us to achieve these goals, especially in future topics such as hydrogen technology." - Dr. Tobias Moser, CEO FISCHER Spindle Group Ltd.

“We needed a balancing system that could be used flexibly for the Mechatron product range and PMB provided us with competent advice, delivery and training in its use. We will be able to generate further competitive advantages for Mechatron from the improved balancing”. - Paul Gerhard Jäckel - Mechatron CEO

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