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Balancing of electric rotors / electric anchors

Benefits you get from balancing electric rotors and electric anchors

The electric rotor as the rotating part of the electric motor determines the smooth running of the motor. Usually this assembly is mounted, i.e. composed of several individual parts. Even with high-precision manufacturing of the individual parts, this assembly to the rotor results in unavoidable imbalances.

The trend to higher speeds is still an important factor. This is because the forces caused by unbalance increase quadratically with the speed. So if a motor is raised in its performance class by increasing speed, reliable and high-quality balancing to ensure function and quality becomes increasingly important. Tighter manufacturing tolerances are very expensive and only provide a limited solution. This is because eccentricities of as little as 1 µm have a major influence on fast-running motors. Balancing the rotor is the more economical, often the only technically feasible solution. Modern demands on noise emission and vibration of electric motors can only be met with high-quality balancing.

PMB is your experienced partner from consulting on prototype/small series balancing in our contract balancing department up to the equipment of your series production with our systems.


PMB Balancing machines for electric rotors / electric anchors

For measuring the unbalance, electric rotors are mounted either on the shaft stubs on bearing blocks with rollers or friction bearings. Very good results are achieved, especially with the specifically optimised friction bearing prisms from PMB. In order to compensate for unbalance influences caused by pressing on a bearing, we would be pleased to measure your rotors with mounted bearings. In this way we achieve the best results. Our round belt drive has proven itself as a reliable actuator. Simple, universal and very good balancing results at the same time.

With the OnDesk 500 and Universal 500 balancing systems, the majority of the sizes and shapes of electric rotors can be handled easily. For particularly small or large rotors, there are variants of the balancing stands, just contact us for details.

  • CAROBA®Balancer OnDesk 500: Compact and flexible universal balancing system for the worktop, manual and semi-automatic balancing
  • CAROBA®Balancer Universal 500: Universal balancing machine, manual and semi-automatic balancing
  • We would be pleased to discuss fully automated balancing systems for rotor balancing with you, so that the system is precisely matched to your process requirements. This is where we gladly bring our laser balancing systems into play.

If the investment in PMB balancing machines does not yet pay off for you: You can also take advantage of the benefits of our technology through the balancing service of our contract balancing.

Unbalance correction

Unbalance correction is carried out manually for moderate quantities. Users of our balancing systems use both additive methods (attachment of screws, 2k balancing mass...) and subtractive methods (grinding, drilling, milling).

In our fully automated systems we gladly recommend the laser ablation of our laser balancing systems. Highly accurate, chip-free, force-free, fast - correction at the same level with our high-precision unbalance measuring technology.


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PMB Bobertag

Balancing technology according to application

If you have your own products that you would like to balance or questions about balancing technology, please send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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