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The balancing machines - Balancing software and unbalance measuring systems of our CAROBA® family

The solution for your balancing needs!

Very good balancing quality of rotating components extends service life, reduces the risk of damage and improves noise development. With our CAROBA® series we have the solution for high-precision balancing. From the balancing software to the unbalance measuring systems UMS to the "Balancer" balancing machines, these modules are in-house developments - they contain the experience of our contract balancing from countless different balancing tasks.

From balancing measuring systems to contract balancing

Our products for balancing

Balancing machines

Balancing machines CAROBA® Balancer and balancing technique - A new level in balancing -

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Unbalance measuring systems UMS

CAROBA®UMS – High Precision measuring systems for unbalance measurements -

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Software for balancing, vibration analysis and drive control

CAROBA®Soft - Powerful and comfortable software for balancing measurement, balancing analysis and drive control -

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