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PMB Bobertag- Auswuchtmaschine Caroba Balancer OnDesk 500 Lagerbock
PMB Bobertag - Auswuchtmaschine Caroba Balancer OnDesk 500 Auswuchtplattform

Balancing machine CAROBA® Balancer OnDesk 500

The compact and flexible universal balancing system

The CAROBA®Balancer OnDesk 500 has been developed for all users who want to save space in the laboratory and in production and at the same time use high-precision balancing technology.

The Balancer OnDesk 500 is the worktop version of our Balancer Universal 500 and a fully-fledged balancing machine for laboratory, prototype and series balancing. The set-up variants and various holders for workpieces are compatible with the Universal 500. Due to its low weight and compact design, the OnDesk 500 balancing machine can be removed from the shelf, placed on a worktop and operated on it.

Our CAROBA® UMS COMPACT unbalance measuring system is removable integrated into the balancing stand and can be connected to a standard PC or laptop. You use the system comfortably with keyboard, mouse and large monitor. If required, you can remove the UMS COMPACT unbalance measuring system and you have a mobile system for on-site measurements, e.g. for use in service.

The advantages of the Balancer OnDesk 500
Compact and space-saving
Universally and quickly convertible for different workpieces
Bearing blocks for shafts, electric rotors...
Balancing platform for assemblies, spindles...
Different drive variants (integrated belt drive, positioning drive, air drive, etc.)
Removable unbalance measuring system for external use
Future-proof through hardware and software updates

Basic System

Basissystem OnDesk 500

The basic system of the balancing machine CAROBA® Balancer OnDesk 500

The basic version of the OnDesk 500 is complete in its compact housing on a base plate with 4 adjustable feet up to the interface to your workpieces.

A powerful round belt drive including drive arm is integrated for driving your workpieces (on request including positioning of the workpiece, also known as "turning in"). For fixing the optional set-up variants, there are 2 movable and removable clamping blocks on the freely mounted oscillating rail. A mounting strip is available behind the oscillating rail to accommodate accessories (triggers, stops, etc.).

Equipment options

Bearing blocks and belt drive

In this setup variant, roller blocks or plain bearing blocks are mounted on the clamping elements of the system rail. The drive is realized with round belts, on request incl. positioning of the workpieces for the mass correction. The adaptation to different workpieces can be carried out quickly - the experience of PMB contract balancing has been integrated into the development of this system.

Use it to balance components without their own bearings and drive, e.g. shafts, electric motor rotors, turbo rotors, etc.


Balancing platform for assemblies

Instead of the bearing blocks, you can also mount your runnable assemblies or your own mounting fixtures directly. If your workpiece has its own bearings and drive, e.g. spindles, electric motors, small blowers, fans, etc., you can set these up in just a few minutes.

The drive control of the balancing stand takes over the control of your own drive unit. This is done via the 0-10 V DC setpoint output. Other drive types, e.g. an air drive, can also be operated.


PMB air bearing with air drive

If workpieces are to reach very high speeds in the later operation, they must be balanced particularly precisely. A very good solution is balancing on our PMB air bearings and air bearing mandrels. With this technology, residual imbalances of less than 0.001 gmm are achieved. The air bearing works contactless and therefore extremely gentle for the workpiece to be balanced. This procedure is very well suited for balancing industrial series, as the achieved balancing qualities are outstandingly reproducible.

Balance e.g. turbo rotors, compressor wheels and all workpieces that have a good and smooth shaft surface or borehole. We would be pleased to advise you on this fascinating technology for balancing in air bearings.


Technical data

Shaft diameter on standard bearing blocksmin / maxmm1-80
Bearing surfaces distance on standard bearing blocksmin / maxmm30-500
Object diametermaxmm300
Object weightConfigurable for object weight from 0.01 kg to 35 kg.

Smallest possible residual unbalance (depending on workpiece, mounting and measuring system)
On rollers / prisms of standard bearing blocksgmm<0,03
On PMB air bearingsgmm<0,001
Weight OnDesk 500kg35
Power supplyV/Ph230V/AC
Fuse protectionAmpere8AT
Type of drive
Belt driveWrap with round belt cord
Drive powerWatt117
Balancing speed with
Belt driverpm180 - 9.000
Air drive / Depending on object and bearings, more thanrpm12.000
Self-drive / When using the „COMPACT“ measuring system, max.rpm96.000
Self-drive / When using the „PRO or PRO-i“ measuring system, max. rpm800.000

Compatible measuring systems

CAROBA® UMS COMPACT: Detachably integrated on the back of the OnDesk 500
CAROBA® UMS PRO oder PRO-i: 19“ systems, freely placeable by the operator


Roller bearing blocks, plain bearing prisms, air bearings and air bearing mandrels, customer-specific receptacles, hold-down devices for top-heavy objects, laptop holder or operator terminal, automatic turning in for positioning to the correction position.

Maßskizze Balancer OnDesk 500

Caroba Balancer OnDesk 500

Your Inquiry

If you have any questions about our Balancer OnDesk 500 balancing system or would like to request a quote, please send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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