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CAROBA® Balancer Laser Dental
CAROBA® Balancer Laser Dental
CAROBA® Balancer Laser Dental
CAROBA® Balancer Laser Dental - copy

Balancing machine CAROBA® Balancer Laser

Balancing with process reliability Force-free and without chips

Field of application

Many rotating components such as rotors of electric motors, small fans, micro-turbines and dental turbines are subjected to high stresses during operation at speeds of up to 500,000 rpm. Reliably good balancing even with the smallest permitted residual unbalance is particularly important here. Especially for the balancing of rotors or assemblies with mounted bearings, 2 points have become increasingly important in addition to high balancing accuracy and process reliability:

  • Force-free: The bearings and the component must be balanced as gently as possible
  • Chip-free: Under no circumstances should chips be allowed to enter the bearings or electronics of already mounted boards

PMB solves these requirements with the CAROBA® Balancer Laser balancing machine, which is available as a standard product with individually adapted internals.

Advantages of laser balancing

The laser provides us with a tool for ablative (subtractive) mass correction that can keep up with our high-precision measurement.

The most important advantages are:

  • Highly accurate and reproducible ablation down to the smallest residual unbalance masses.
  • Force-free: No forces or vibrations occur during material removal.
  • Chipless: The laser dust produced from very small particles is extracted and filtered directly at the point of origin. Bearings or other sensitive components remain clean.
  • Removal field free: Whether round, square, triangular, oval or... - the removal field is freely selectable and can therefore also be adapted to complex workpieces. For example, corrections can be made between the blades of a fan.
  • Automation: As standard, the balancing process is fully automated. The loading/unloading of the machine is manual and can be additionally automated on request.

Automation and operation

The Balancer Laser balances fully automatically and is operated via a touch monitor, keyboard and quick buttons. After inserting the component into the machine, the operator starts the process by a sensor button and the automatic door closes. The unbalance measurement and the actual removal of material by laser is fully automatic. The intuitive, simple operation and the fast balancing process make the balancing machine very economical.

Conversion to other components is done by adjusting settings or changing bearing modules, for larger set-ups the balancing core is changed. The system thus remains future-proof even if your production program is changed or your products are further developed.

The entire system requires almost no maintenance. Where regular maintenance is required, e.g. when replacing and checking the filters of the laser dust extraction system, it can be pulled out of the machine on rails.


The advantages of the Balancer Laser
High precision unbalance measurement
High-precision, scalable mass correction by laser ablation
Best reproducible residual unbalances
Ideal for use in series production
Perfectly suitable for very small and sensitive components
Automatic balancing process
Easy and fast changeover between different workpieces
Technical data

Dimensions (L/W/H)
Height hood open
mm1720 x 1800 x 2800
Power supplyV/Hz400 V / 50 Hz
Compressed air supplybar6

CAROBA® Balancer Laser

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