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CAROBA® Soft Software for balancing, vibration analysis and drive control

The precise evaluation is key

Precise balancing hinges on the perfect evaluation of the measured data and the output of effective balancing instructions. With the software solutions CAROBA® Soft we provide you with outstanding tools for this. The flexible and intuitively operated CAROBA® Soft balancing software is your operation centre of the balancing process. It hosts a vast range of functions for all daily balancing tasks while still being easy to operate. For R&D and QA, the independent software package of the additional analysis software for vibration analysis is a valuable asset.

All our software solutions are fully compatible with the measuring systems CAROBA® UMS Pro, Pro-i and Compact. Our software is constantly evolving, growing in new functions and comfort. Our regular updates ensure the reliable and economical operation of your balancing system in the future.

Your advantages
Perfect balancing results in just a few steps
Intuitive and easy to use
Flexible and individually expandable
Competent assistance and remote desktop support
Regular software updates
Future-proof through our software maintenance
Compatible with Win-10, Win-11 and following
Intuitive to use

CAROBA® Soft Balancing Software

For managing your workpieces, the visualization of the unbalance and the balancing status as well as the output of balancing instructions to the operator.

Measuring and correcting simultaneously

CAROBA® JobList system

Instead of measuring and correcting one by one on a manual balancing machine, with the PMB CAROBA JobList you can measure and correct simultaneously - with any number of measuring stations and correction stations.

The simplification of daily balancing tasks

CAROBA® Soft Drive control

You control the drive of your balancing machine or your own drive and have full control over the optimal speeds and run-ups of your workpieces.

Vibration analysis, condition monitoring and more

CAROBA® Soft Analysis Software

The software solution if you want to know more about the dynamic properties of your workpiece. Gain valuable information for improvement, especially in prototyping and quality control.

Die CAROBA® Soft Balancing and analysis software

Flexibly expandable, easy-to-use and highly precise.

Our software was specially developed for the requirements of high-precision balancing technology. Optionally, specific additional functions can be programmed for you. If you have any questions about our software package, send us an e-mail or use our contact form.

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