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Rent or lease instead of purchase

PMB high-tech balancing technology and balancing machines use and protect liquidity at the same time.

There are alternative options to purchasing our balancing machines. Instead of an investment, you can protect your company's liquidity by renting or leasing and thus efficiently absorb peaks in your production capacity as well as permanently use our balancing technology in your company. Your internal accounting then leads via "running costs" instead of "investment" - in many companies certainly a great relief and shortcut to be able to react quickly and flexibly.

For this purpose, we work hand in hand with an innovative and Germany-wide leading financing and leasing specialist for leasing and installment plan. The MKB/MMV Group has financing expertise of more than 55,000 customers and 9,000 manufacturers and suppliers.

Please note that we can only offer installment plan and leasing via the MKB/MMV Group for companies based in Germany.

Direct rental of your balancing machine via PMB remains unaffected.

The option of renting the balancing systems runs directly through our company - you benefit here from particularly attractive conditions if the equipment is later taken over by purchase.

Rent via PMB
In this option, you rent your desired balancing system from us - it remains the property of PMB. The minimum rental period is 3 - 6 months, depending on the system. After the minimum rental period, you simply let the rental continue or finish the rental or take over the system by purchase. If purchase is desired, we can credit monthly rentals up to 50% of the system price against the purchase price.
In the rental variant, we also offer you particularly favorable conditions for the annual maintenance of your system. With the annual maintenance you maintain the performance and precision of your balancing machine in the long run for always best balancing results.

Installment plan via the MMV/MKB - Group
With the installment plan option, your balancing system is conveniently financed over a longer period of time. With your monthly installment you pay off the purchase price. At the end of the mutually agreed term, the equipment becomes your property - it is then yours. You benefit from the fact that you can claim the statutory depreciation and the machine is added to your fixed assets.

Leasing through the MMV/MKB - Group
Leasing is a good and popular way to maintain the liquidity of a company and to always use the latest technology. Within the leasing period, you can continue to benefit from our system improvements and enhancements by simply having the leasing contract adjusted. At the end of the leasing period, your balancing system remains with the leasing company and you can decide together on its further use.

We will be happy to calculate these variants for you on the basis of our machine range. With our ONLINE CALCULATOR you can adjust your possible rates for the variant installment plan or leasing over different terms.

You can reach our service team by telephone during business hours at:
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