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Balancing with PMB CAROBA®air bearings: High-precision measurement results for minimum residual unbalance

The demands placed on your products today and in the future are getting higher and more demanding. The trends towards higher speeds and increased demands on quality and accuracy require the lowest possible residual imbalances. The components to be balanced are becoming smaller and turn faster for the same or increasing power. The specifications of the achieved balancing are also changing, balancing is becoming more important for reliable function and performance.

Balancing on slide bearings or rolls eventually reaches physical limits as requirements increase - the influence of the shaft surface on the balancing result increases with decreasing component size and increasing accuracy. Balancing in PMB air bearings is the solution here, which also has advantages for larger components.

Advantages of the PMB CAROBA® AirBearings

  • Contact-free support of the components to be balanced - the components float gently on an air cushion
  • Low / no wear of the air bearings, long lifetime
  • Achievement of residual unbalances better than 1mg*mm (< 0.001 g*mm) and balancing grades better than 0.005 mm/s
  • Very high reproducibility and repeatability of measurement results down to the µ-gram range
  • Balancing speeds up to the later operating speed
  • Cost reduction through faster processing of the balancing objects
  • Easier measurement, thus increasing measurement reliability due to fewer user mistakes
  • Free of lubricants such as oils and greases, thus very well suited for sensitive objects, e.g. in medical technology or optics

CAROBA® air bearings and air bearing mandrels from PMB

We at PMB develop, design and manufacture our CAROBA®AirBearings ourselves. In high quality and precisely designed for your product. In order to ensure optimum running characteristics, we run in the air bearing with your component.

  • We successfully use our air bearings for shafts, rotors, spindles and other cylindrical components with bearing surfaces on the outside diameter.
  • Complex components with thicker center sections are balanced with our air bearing, which can be split in the horizontal axis. You will benefit from the same precise measurement results and lowest residual unbalance as provided by our one-piece air bearing.
  • Components with axial bores (also possible in steps) as bearing surfaces (e.g. compressor wheels) are supported on our air bearing mandrels. We also manufacture these to match your component and run the air bearing mandrel in at our company.

We at PMB advise you on the support options for your components to be balanced and manufacture the air bearing that exactly fits your application. Talk to us!

Examples of components for precise balancing in CAROBA® air bearings and air bearing mandrels:

Animation of the operation of a PMB air bearing "Individual" for rotors

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