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PMB Pre-Sales Service

Convincing service in the run-up

Even before you invest in your own balancing machine, we are there for you with our services.

Engineering and consulting

Are you developing a new product or designing components that require optimum vibration characteristics? Your product should run as smoothly as possible or a precisely defined unbalance is desired? We will be happy to advise you on the design and tell you how you can support balancing constructively. Our specialists will measure the vibration characteristics of your prototypes and give you hints for improvements. When choosing a suitable balancing machine and balancing method, we bring our many years of experience to bear.

Balancing service and contract balancing

Our contract balancing center is also your right contact for product development. We support you with vibration analyses, balance your samples and provide you with feasibility studies. We are happy to balance prototypes and the beginning series for you until your PMB balancing machine is available at your site. In this way, you can reach the market before your own production is fully equipped.

You can find more information about our balancing service here...

Rent / machine leasing / installment plan

If you want to secure the liquidity of your company or absorb short- to medium-term production peaks, there are good possibilities to use our balancing technology by renting / leasing / installment plan. We will be happy to advise you and together we will find a good solution.

Our alternative possibilities to use PMB balancing machines...

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