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Process-safe and precisely balancing with correction by laser ablation

With the laser balancing technology, PMB Bobertag, based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, has an efficient and precise system for material-friendly balancing of components in the modular system. The method can be used for metals and plastics.


For components such as micro-turbines, which reach speeds of up to 500,000 rpm in later operation, minimal residual unbalances are an important factor for long functioning with smooth running. Due to the generally decreasing noise levels in apartments and car interiors, the demand for quiet running has now reached all industries – for example, fans for laptops, blowers for vacuum cleaners, micropumps and electric rotors are now being corrected to balance grades that were considered high-precision just a few years ago. The mass causing the unbalance must be removed for such balancing just as precisely as it is determined by our measuring system – classic machining processes reach their limits here, the laser does this reproducibly and wear-free.


The unbalance masses are removed with accuracies in the milligram and microgram range. This can no longer be done reliably by hand or with cutting methods. Our mass correction with the CAROBA Balancer Laser is the best solution here with scalable material ablation without the application of force and without material chips. The smoke produced during the removal is extracted directly at the point of origin.

The laser correction can be carried out in freely definable shapes such as circle, ellipse, rectangle or line. With the right choice of laser, this also works on different materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and plastic without any modifications. Even hardened and coated components can be balanced easily and with high precision using this method. The achieved lowest residual unbalances are reproducible in a process-safe manner. The system is therefore perfectly suited for use on a semi-automated and fully automated industrial scale.

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