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High-quality and quiet-running fans in large-scale

Customer testimonial about our balancing technology!

High-quality and quiet-running fans in large-scale 

MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH (MTCE), based in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, is the largest motor development center in the MinebeaMitsumi Group’s international network. As European headquarters, MTCE develops among other products drive systems for fans and blowers, and manages the development of new products right through to production as large-scale.

The demands on such fans are continuously rising – smaller (laptops), higher efficiency (battery life), more robust (continuous use) and quieter are important customer requirements. In most cases, increasing speeds are the best approach to solving these problems, with noise radiation and bearing stress being the main issues to be solved. For the constructive solutions MinebeaMitsumi is well positioned, for the important topic of unbalance correction PMB is a reliable partner for MinebeaMitsumi since 2017.

“The idea of improving MTCE products with the help of balancing processes never left my mind.  It was clear to me that there was a lot of potential for an often underestimated impact on the product quality. Initially PMB was helpful with technical advice, followed by implementation and new developments, making PMB a valuable partner. The mix of know-how, product and service is simply right.” – Thomas Gruhler, MinebeaMitsumi Test Process Engineering

At an early stage, MTCE realized that its own know-how should be further expanded – a laboratory balancing bench brought PMB technology to MTCE. Further laboratory balancing benches followed soon after, and the cooperation gained momentum. And so the next step was to make the transition to a large-scale production system: to improve cycle times while at the same time tightening specifications, PMB instrumented several laser balancing systems with mechanics, measurement technology and software.

In 2020, MTCE then developed a novel and highly innovative fan concept that, when well balanced, is particularly quiet and virtually wear-free. PMB solved the balancing just as innovatively with the delivery of a high-volume system: With the AddMassJet process from PMB, UV-curing adhesives are applied without contact, without force and with precision in the microgram range.

“When we needed a new type of balancing system for large-scale for a highly innovative product, it was clear to us that new ground had to be broken. Despite some imponderables, PMB solved this task very well and delivered on time within the tight time frame – extensions and follow-up projects are underway.” – Kurt Riesenfeld, MinebeaMitsumi Equipment Design Team Leader Spindle Equipment Engineering

2021 is now all about standardization: While specific solutions have been developed jointly in the past, standardized PMB equipment will in future facilitate the rapid establishment of efficient production chains in production. Modules will be available for a wide variety of MinebeaMitsumi products, ranging from measuring platforms and manual systems to fully automated large-scale production lines.

“MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH can meet the highest quality standards and drive the development of innovative products, not least thanks to the valuable cooperation with innovative partners such as PMB.” -Roman Klein, Head of Communications MinebeaMitsumi Europe

We learn from each other – PMB is very much looking forward to many more stimulating years of cooperation with MinebeaMitsumi Group and MTCE.

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