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Split Air Bearings – Precise Balancing of complex components

The trend towards ever higher speeds of rotating components will continue in the future. The demands on quality and accuracy are increasing at the same rate, and precise and accurate balancing is becoming more important for reliable function and performance. Balancing on plain or roller bearings often reaches its physical limits with these high demands on the required smallest residual imbalances. The influence of the shaft surfaces and the bearing surfaces on the results of the unbalance measurement simply become too great.

This is where PMB air bearings bring a decisive advantage for small and larger components.

The components float gently and without contact on an air cushion. Surface unevenness or external influences do not affect the unbalance measurement. Thus, residual unbalances better than 1mg*mm (<0.001 g*mm) can be achieved with high reproducibility and repeatability. Due to the advantages for the user and the many requests, we have continued our development in this field.

For shafts, rotors, spindles and other cylindrical components which, due to their design with a thicker center section, could not previously be inserted into an air bearing, we have developed the split air bearing. Here, the bearing is split along the horizontal axis, and the upper halves are removable for insertion of the component. The user benefits from the same precise measurement results and minimal residual imbalance as provided by our one-piece air bearing. We manufacture the bearings to fit precisely and accurately to the design of the respective balancing object.

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