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Jet-balancing is fast, precise, chipless and clean

The new additive balancing method of PMB Bobertag works with high-tech adhesives as correction mass.

Unbalance corrections on small components have so far mostly been carried out subtractively. Material is removed, mostly by grinding, drilling or milling. Here, undesirable forces are often exerted on the component and almost always undesirable chips are produced. Furthermore, all these subtractive processes require so-called sacrificial mass, which can be removed.

But what if there is not enough sacrificial mass on the component? If there are no surfaces on which material can be removed without endangering the stability and trouble-free functioning of the component? Or if a machining mass compensation involves the risk of impurities getting into already mounted bearings or electronics?

For exactly these balancing tasks PMB Bobertag has developed the “JET-balancing”, an additive unbalance correction with the AddMassJet® method.

You can learn more about this new balancing method here..


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