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Gentle balancing of highly sensitive components

Balancing highly sensitive components quickly, precisely and gently

PMB Bobertag in Kaiserslautern has developed the standard balancing system CAROBA Balancer Laser for the precise balancing of small and sensitive components. It balances down to the microgram range in a process-safe, force-free and non-cutting way by targeted mass removal. Retooling to different components has remained fast and flexible.

Many rotating components such as the rotors of electric motors, small fans, micro-turbines and dental turbines are subjected to high stresses during operation at speeds of up to 500,000 rpm. Even the smallest imbalances caused by manufacturing tolerances or the pressing on of bearings generate vibrations and damaging bearing forces at high speeds.

Whether as a component or as an assembly: Reliably good balancing even with the smallest permissible residual imbalances is particularly important here, improves noise generation and decisively extends the service life. In addition to balancing accuracy and process reliability, two points have become more important: The component must be balanced as gently as possible, i.e. without any external mechanical forces, and under no circumstances should chips be allowed to enter already mounted bearings or electronics.

PMB solves these requirements with the CAROBA® Balancer Laser, which is available as a further PMB standard product with individually adaptable internals.

The benefit for users due to the highly precise reproducible removal down to the smallest residual imbalances in the microgram range: almost disappearing vibrations, correspondingly reduced noise and bearing stress, clean bearings and components due to efficient extraction. In contrast to machining processes, only a fine laser dust is formed, which is extracted and filtered directly at the point of origin.

The geometry of the mass correction is freely selectable, the removal can be adapted to complex workpieces. This allows, for example, an unbalance correction between the blades of a fan. The measurement of the unbalance and the following correction run fully automatically, the loading and unloading of the machine can be automated additionally and also subsequently if required. Machine operation and software settings are intuitive and simple with a large touchscreen, keyboard and quick buttons. Combined with the fast balancing process, the user receives an economical balancing system for industrial series production.

If the components or the production program changes, the system is adapted to it by adjustments or by changing the bearing modules. For larger changes, the balancing core is simply changed. The system thus remains future-proof for a long time. The entire machine requires almost no maintenance. Regular maintenance is mainly required when replacing the easily removable filter cartridges for the laser extraction system. However, the machine rarely reports an upcoming filter change, since a maintenance-free pre-filter already separates many particles.

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