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Impressively balancing quality

With its compact balancing system OnDesk 500, PMB – Präzisionsmaschinenbau Bobertag GmbH has developed a fully-featured, complete balancing stand that makes impressively good residual unbalances possible. Small and light, it allows flexible use wherever it is needed.

All rotating parts have an unbalance. This is usually undesirable and occurs even during the most precise production or is introduced during assembly. This unbalance causes vibrations. If these are too large, the component and its bearing will be damaged over time. The service life is reduced and in the worst case irreparable damage occurs. Even without damage caused by unbalance, vibration noises are no longer accepted in modern products – that is why the cause of unbalance must be compensated well and reliably. It improves the quality of the products.

The CAROBA® Balancer OnDesk 500 is a compact balancing stand in the modular program especially designed for manual and semi-automated balancing in workshops, prototype production and small to medium series. The accuracy of this worktop balancing stand is impressive: For example, spindle shafts in PMB air bearings are balanced better than 0.001 gmm.

Due to its low weight of 35 kg and compact dimensions, it can be placed on a shelf, removed from it if necessary and then operated on a worktop. The OnDesk 500 balances a wide variety of rotating parts up to a length of 500 mm and a diameter of 300 mm. The maximum workpiece weight is 35 kg, smaller balancing stands from PMB are recommended for workpieces weighing less than a few grams. Whether simple or complex shafts, fans, components with or without bearings or with their own drives – appropriate supports and adapters are available for all these parts or can be manufactured by the user himself: The open clamping system allows adaptation to the customer’s own mounting systems. Even when integrating own drives of assemblies, e.g. electric motors of pumps, these can be controlled directly via the optional drive control.

The CAROBA® UMS Compact is integrated as the standard measuring system for unbalance measurement in the OnDesk 500 and can be removed. If required, it can also be used independently and mobile, e.g. for field balancing. The larger measuring systems UMS Pro or UMS Pro-i are of course fully compatible.

The OnDesk and the balancing software are operated conveniently via monitor, mouse and keyboard – because the balancing stand is simply connected to a standard PC or laptop via USB cable.

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