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Customer testimonials about our balancing technology

Optimization of spindle balancing at MECHATRON

We already became aware of the young company Mechatron based in Pfungstadt in 2016, when we needed a precise, robust and inexpensive repairable milling spindle for one of our test benches. This spindle is still in use with us today.  At that time, we were the first to balance the spindle, which had already been reasonably balanced at Mechatron, even more precisely from our point of view as balancing specialists. This significantly increased the quality for us and we were also able to use this spindle as a balancing spindle.

Mechatron was approached by us about more precise balancing, but the expansion of the product line and capacities at an already high quality level was sufficient at that time. Now, in 2020, we have taken up this point again together and were able to demonstrate the concrete advantages of our technology in a workshop.

 "We have already balanced well so far - but we were surprised that it is possible to get even more out of it and save a lot of time". - Pascal Ims - Mechatron Design and Development

"We needed a balancing system that could be used flexibly for the Mechatron product range and PMB provided us with competent advice, delivery and training in its use. We will be able to generate further competitive advantages for Mechatron from the improved balancing". - Paul Gerhard Jäckel - Mechatron Management Board

We have enjoyed working with you and will continue to do so. Originally, the PMB balancing technology was developed exactly for this application: The better balancing of spindles. We are pleased that with the introduction of our solutions at Mechatron, we are contributing to further growth steps there. In the meantime, Mechatron has not only developed into a renowned manufacturer of quality spindles, the company also supplies necessary accessories such as frequency converters, cooling units, spindle holders, tool holders and completely configured electrical control cabinets.

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