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Our measures and approaches to the Covid-19

Dear customers, suppliers and partners,

the coronavirus and COVID-19 currently dominate our everyday life like few occurrences before. Already now we all feel the effects on our social life. Companies worldwide are also affected to a considerable extent by the virus and the measures associated with it.

We as a company have a special responsibility for our employees and customers. We will use all means at our disposal to protect the health of all employees, their families and our customers. The target of all publicly discussed measures is to slow down the rate of infection in such a way that the health care system is not overloaded and is therefore available for those who, as members of risk groups (old fellow citizens, previous victims), require special medical support.

In order to slow down the infection rate in this sense as much as possible, we follow the advice on hygiene and avoidance of personal contact given by the Ministry of Health.

Important for our customers and suppliers: The goal at PMB is to keep the day-to-day business running as unrestricted as possible. Due to supply chain influences, internal influences and also customer influences, it will not be possible to avoid restrictions completely.


  • When calling our secretary’s office, waiting times can sometimes be a little bit longer.

Public measures of PMB are:

  • Visits from or to customers are not carried out at present, if not indispensable and approved by the management.
  • Video conferences and telephone calls are preferred to personal meetings.
  • We will closely coordinate delivery dates with customers and suppliers if personal support is required (commissioning…). It is to be expected that in the further course of the virus’ global tour, delivery dates will be delayed due to partial loss of working hours in the supply chains and also in our company.

Stay healthy – then the situation will also normalise more quickly. We will publish expected updates on this page.

With kind regards
Manfred Bobertag

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